International Programs

The provisions of the University and its regulations are subject to changes by the authorized entities.  Any change made during the year shall apply to all students or to some of them, as the case may be, without imposing any responsibility or liability on the University in this regard. Without derogating from the generality of the aforementioned, the University may change the manner, structure, method, location, period (shortening or extending) of any service, class, unit or curriculum, at the discretion of the authorized entities, including during the academic year, and reaching a decision in regards to said change shall not be viewed as a breach of any obligation of the University towards its students.

Prior to the commencement of the academic year or during the academic year, the institutions of the University may reach a decision regarding the partial operation of the University or the complete closing thereof, cancelation of any service, class, unit for any period of time due to unexpected circumstances and/or practical constraints and/or special conditions that are not within the control of the University, which shall prevent the continuation of the regular activities of the University as planned (such as University budget cuts), and reaching such a decision shall not be viewed as a breach of any obligation of the University towards its students.

The University management reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum and the list of classes and to provide notice of the cancellation of courses for which there is a small number of registrants.

If said decision is made, the University shall notify its relevant students, stating the outcome of the decision.

Provisions of these terms refers to both men and women and the use of

the masculine is for convenience only

The International Programs are:


Israel studies

National Security Studies

German and European Studies

Diplomacy Studies

Jewish Thought

Peace and Conflict Management Studies

MA Program in Education and Development in Early Childhood

MPA specialized in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies 

Marine Geosciences

Marine Biology

Holocaust Studies


Maritime Civilizations

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Specialization in Technology Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Specialization in Sustainability

Master of Public Health (MPH) – Specialization in Health Systems Administration and Global Health Leadership